Hello Kitty Merchandise

Hello Kitty Merchandise

Best Hello Kitty merchandise and the cutest gift ideas for the fans of Japan’s most famous cat. We made an amazing list of Hello Kitty gifts, products, and cool stuff for you and for your friends. We know you’re going to love all the cute kawaii stuff listed here and in our anime gifts list.

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  • Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray

    Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray

    Add some cuteness into your summer drinks with tthe Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray ! Pink color slicone mold with the cutie face of Hello Kitty.  Get ready to ...

  • Hello Kitty Band Aids

    Hello Kitty Band Aids

    Protect and heal your little wounds with the cutest helper, Hello Kitty Band Aids ! This cute bands helps you cover your wounds with Hello Kitty prints, ...

  • Hello Kitty Duct Tape

    Hello Kitty Duct Tape

    Attention crafters, Hello Kitty Duct Tape will be your new best friend ! You can use this cute duct tape for so many things, pink and Hello Kitty print makes ...

  • Hello Kitty Ramune Soda

    Hello Kitty Ramune Soda

    Hello Kitty Ramune is bubbly and sweet Japanese soda to go along with your favorite Asian food. This sodas has many different flavors, and all of them are ...

  • Hello Kitty Pillow Pet

    Hello Kitty Pillow Pet

    Cutest pillow pet ever, Hello Kitty Pillow Pet ! This awesome pillow pet also has a light up feature and at night it creates a magical light show on your walls ...

  • Hello Kitty Rice Ball Mold

    Hello Kitty Rice Ball Mold

    Eating wouldn't make you more happy. With our big love for the most famous character our other big love rice came together and the result is the cutest and the ...

  • Hello Kitty Apron

    Hello Kitty Apron

    Best apron to wear while making some cute looking cookies, Hello Kitty Apron ! Our super cute cats face on a nicely designed pink apron. These aprons are ...

  • Hello Kitty Chia Pet

    Hello Kitty Chia Pet

    Hello Kitty Chia Pet is an awesome decorative planter pet that is fun to grow and very easy to do. It will totally grow up in 1-2 weeks. A nice gift idea for ...

  • Hello Kitty Baking Book

    Hello Kitty Baking Book

    Hello Kitty Baking Book is the best helper to make super cute looking and delicious cupcakes, cookies and more. You can buy a hardcopy book or check online ...

    $13.22 $14.95 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Hello Kitty Plush Mermaid

    Hello Kitty Plush Mermaid

    Best plush pillow ever, Hello Kitty Plush with a mermaid tail ! Super cute and super kawaii plush for Hello Kitty fans, definetly one of the best designs. Not ...

    $17.49 $24.99 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Hello Kitty Bow Headband

    Hello Kitty Bow Headband

    Super cute Hello Kitty Bow Headband ! This kawaii head band with ears and the little bow on the top is definetly best gift for your little babygirl !

  • Hello Kitty Peeler

    Hello Kitty Peeler

    Cutest fruit pealer ever, Hello Kitty Peeler and knifes. best product to add some cuteness into your kitchen, pink color and awesome hello kitty design makes ...

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