Popular Anime Merchandise

Popular Anime Merchandise

A mixed list of cool anime merchandise and gift ideas that contains the popular animes which we have not categorize yet. Includes awesome products related with Sailor Moon, Gudetama,  Kill La Kill, Tokyo Ghoul, Evangelion and more…To see a wider list please also check out list for all anime merchandise.

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  • Tokyo Ghoul Dust Mask

    Tokyo Ghoul Dust Mask

    Really cool mask for anime fans and Kaneki lovers. Tokyo Ghoul Dust Mask will make you look like a real ghoul. while it is perfect for any cosplay events and ...

  • Death Note Ryuk Mask

    Death Note Ryuk Mask

    This cool Death Note Ryuk Mask is a perfectly sculpted latex mask and a perfect gift idea For Cosplayers. If you or your friends love Ryuk from the popular ...

  • Kill La Kill Pins

    Kill La Kill Pins

    Another super cute piece to add your kawaii pins collection, Kill La Kill Pins ! This cutie Mako is perfect to add some anime fandom to your clothes, pin these ...

    $8.73 $11.42 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Kirby Hat

    Kirby Hat

    Cutest hat ever, The Kirby Hat ! This hat looks like Kirby is sitting on your head when you wear. Perfect gift idea for the kids who love Kirby and great for ...

  • Sword Art Online Bookmarks

    Sword Art Online Bookmarks

    Super cute Sword Art Online Bookmarks ! These anime bookmarks features cute chibi images of Kirito and Asuna from the popular Japanese anime Sword Art Online. ...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Mug

    Tokyo Ghoul Mug

    Awesome mug for coffee addicts, Tokyo Ghoul Mug ! No matter i you are a ghoul or just a coffee lover, this mug is for all coffee lovers and anime fans

  • Evangelion 3D Mouse Pad

    Evangelion 3D Mouse Pad

    Sexy 3D mouse pads for anime fans and video game lovers. Dva, Sento Isuzu, Overwatch, Evangelion 3D Mouse Pad and more. Nothing can be better than putting your ...

  • Sword Art Online Crystal Necklaces

    Sword Art Online Crystal Necklaces

    Awesome necklace for the fanss, Sword Art Online Crystal Necklaces made from the teleport stone Each one comes with a beautiful box. You'd also be able to use ...

  • Gudetama Desk Organizer

    Gudetama Desk Organizer

    Guuude gude tama guude gude tama ! A nice Gudetama Desk Organizer for the fans of the cute Japanese lazy egg. if you are a gudetama fan, this organizer ...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Face

    Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Face

    Awesome mask for a cosplay or Halloween , Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Face ! This mask easily will help you look like Kaneki Ken from the popular anime. Please drink ...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Mask

    Tokyo Ghoul Mask

    Awesome mask and a very easy way to start cosplay, Tokyo Ghoul Mask ! With this great mask and a white wig you can become Kaneki Ken easily. Perfect for ...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Blanket

    Tokyo Ghoul Blanket

    Best blanket for ghouls, Tokyo Ghoul Blanket ! If you feel like Kaneki Ken or a ghoul boss, this blanket is perfect for your bedding and a very cool room ...

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