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  • ThinkGeek Star Wars Charger

    ThinkGeek Star Wars Charger

    Think Geek website store is off but still their merchandise is the best in the market, just like this cool Star Wars Charger! If your battary is getting low, ...

  • Death Star Night Light

    Death Star Night Light

    Decorate your desk with the most dangerous weapon of the galaxy. The Death Star mood light is a USB powered light designed for Star Wars fans. If you are ...

  • Star Wars R2 D2 Usb Car Charger

    Star Wars R2 D2 Usb Car Charger

    Don't worry, if your battery is low, R2-D2 will be there near you as a super cool Star Wars Adapter. Best travel buddy when going to work or to a long trip. ...

  • Light Up Lightsaber Umbrella

    Light Up Lightsaber Umbrella

    Best LED product ever made, Light Up Lightsaber Umbrella ! This LED umbrella is made for Star Wars fans and also for people who love eye catching LED products. ...

  • Star Wars BB-8 Toy

    Star Wars BB-8 Toy

    Star Wars BB-8 Toy is both for kids and adults ! An awesome remote controlled robot or better to say droid. Just like a real BB-8 this toy makes expressive ...

  • Star Wars Adapter

    Star Wars Adapter

    Feel the power of the dark side near you while traveling and let Darth Vader help you fill your phone with power. Not a R2D2 or BB8 toy, best Star Wars Adapter ...

  • Color Changing Magical Dragon Eggs

    Color Changing Magical Dragon Eggs

    Super geeky gift for Mother of Dragons. These eggs will change their color magically when heated in hand. Handmade and every egg is unique. Please note Color ...

  • Magic Wand TV Remote

    Magic Wand TV Remote

    Bring the wizarding to your room with this this Magic Wand TV Remote! Just swish and flick to control your televiion. It also works with all electronic devices ...

    $69.95 $89.95 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Star Wars Socks

    Star Wars Socks

    Show your geek side head to toe with some cool Star Wars socks. Choose your side and wear your socks accordingly. White socks for light side and if you are ...

  • Darth Vader Showerhead

    Darth Vader Showerhead

    Darth Vader Showerhead Meme Gif and Product - Star Wars Bathroom Gadgets Star Wars Bathroom Gadgets got super popular these days and Darth Vader Showerhead ...

  • Star Wars Lotion Pump

    Star Wars Lotion Pump

    Add some geekdom into your bathroom with the Star Wars Classic Saga Resin Lotion Pump. Awesome gift idea and a cool home decor for any Star Wars fan. Choose ...

  • App Enabled BB-8 Force Band Control

    App Enabled BB-8 Force Band Control

    App Enabled BB-8 is more than a toy - it's your companion. You can control your favourite droid with The Force band, command and remote control just with ...

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