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  • Death Star Night Light

    Death Star Night Light

    Decorate your desk with the most dangerous weapon of the galaxy. The Death Star mood light is a USB powered light designed for Star Wars fans. If you are ...

  • Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

    Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

    I like my coffee like I like my Death Star ! This is not the hope you're looking for.. On the Dark Side and Powerful enough to Destroy a Building ! May the ...

  • Star Wars Mood Lights

    Star Wars Mood Lights

    Best buy for Star Wars Mood Lights : ! This cool lamp is USB powered and also suitable for your desk while it is perfect to change the mood of your room. ...

  • Death Star Heat Change Mug

    Death Star Heat Change Mug

    Hot side or cold side, Which one do you prefer? This Death Star Heat Change Mug looks great in both sides. We will have our cookies and our "dark" coffee and ...

  • Death Star Owner’s Manual

    Death Star Owner’s Manual

    Did you know that Empire's ultimate weapon has a real manual? Death Star Owner's Manual book is now available on Amazon. This technical manual is a book full ...

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  • Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Mold

    Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Mold

    Change your classic ice cubes into a fan powered geek ones with the Death Star silicone ice cube mold. It is so easy to create unique and geeky icecubes with ...

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  • Star Wars Death Star Fire Pit

    Star Wars Death Star Fire Pit

    Feel like a Jedi while watching this cool Death Star shaped fire pit. No fire pits can look better than a metal Death Star burning slow! Open your wine and ...

  • Death Star Weed Grinder

    Death Star Weed Grinder

    Grind your herb like Darth Vader with the Death Star Weed Grinder! You can have this deadly weapon of the galaxy as a grinder now. Grinder has a magnetic ...

    $13.97 $19.99 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Death Star Waffle Maker

    Death Star Waffle Maker

    Add some super cool design to your super delicious foods with the Death Star Waffle Maker. Who can say "no" to a delicious waffle with some marmalade or ...

    $39.99 $44.98 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Lego Death Star

    Lego Death Star

    Giant Lego Death Star for Lego fans. This Star Wars Lego is 16 inches and includes nearly all characters, 28 popular figures from the movie. The Death Star is ...

    $499.95 $499.99 CHECK THIS OUT
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