• Nightstand Fridge

    Nightstand Fridge

    Looks like a wooden furniture but actually it is a refrigerator. The Nightstand Fridge has an amazing design to complete your rooms with the wooden covarege ...

  • Marshall Amplifier Fridge

    Marshall Amplifier Fridge

    The Marshall Amplifier Fridge features really authentic Marshall amplifier parts and has the super cool idea of combining rock and refrigeration. It does not ...

  • Cat Butt Fridge Magnet

    Cat Butt Fridge Magnet

    Cutest magnets ever, cat butt fridge magnet, and they look like stucked in the fridge. Kids will be crazy for these.

  • in Carbonite Led Han Solo Fridge

    in Carbonite Led Han Solo Fridge

    All Star Wars fans remember that moment when Han Solo was frozen in a carbonite block. and this "cool" fridge is literally made it kinda real. Yes, this mini ...

  • Smiley Face Fridge Magnets

    Smiley Face Fridge Magnets

    Cutest fridge magnets to change your home into a super positive fun zone. Smiley Face Fridge Magnet set lets you easily change your fridge into a giant smiley ...

  • Cat Butt Fridge Magnets

    Cat Butt Fridge Magnets

    Shop Cat Butt Fridge Magnets : We spotted this great merchandise for cat lovers. Our geek product finder bot made a search for Cat Butt Fridge Magnets and ...

  • Gameboy Fridge Magnet

    Gameboy Fridge Magnet

    Shop Gameboy Fridge Magnet : We discovered this cool gift idea for Gameboy fans. Our geek bot checked out all geek shops Gameboy Fridge Magnet and noticed ...

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  • Pac Man Fridge Magnets

    Pac Man Fridge Magnets

    Change your refrigerator into a fun space with the help of Pac Man Fridge Magnets. These Pac-Man magnets are made in 3-D with the cute characters of the epic ...

  • Rubiks Cube Fridge

    Rubiks Cube Fridge

    Shop Rubiks Cube Fridge : We found this amazing merchandise for Rubiks Cube lovers. Our geek gift bot made a search for Rubiks Cube Fridge and added this ...

  • Ninja Star Fridge Magnets

    Ninja Star Fridge Magnets

    Shop Ninja Star Fridge Magnets : We discovered this cool product for Star Wars fans. Our geek bot searched all products for Ninja Star Fridge Magnets and ...

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