• Gudetama Vomiting Egg

    Gudetama Vomiting Egg

    The lazy egg Gudetama - Give this Gudetama toy some little squeeze, and he will throw up. Gudetama Vomiting Egg is a unique product release and nice gift for ...

  • Gudetama Night Light

    Gudetama Night Light

    Make your darkest of nights bright with Gudetama! This super cute night light is perfect for all the lazy eggs who are still afraid of the dark.

  • Gudetama Desk Organizer

    Gudetama Desk Organizer

    Guuude gude tama guude gude tama ! A nice Gudetama Desk Organizer for the fans of the cute Japanese lazy egg. if you are a gudetama fan, this organizer ...

  • Gudetama Squeeze Toy

    Gudetama Squeeze Toy

    Unique stress ball for anime fans. You will also love to see the happy face of Gudetama as you squeze him. The Gudetama Squeeze Toy looks like a white egg and ...

  • Gudetama Backpack

    Gudetama Backpack

    Carry the laziest anime character on your back wherever you go! The Gudetama Backpack has an aesthetic design with the white and black stripes and funny images ...

  • Gudetama Nail Decals

    Gudetama Nail Decals

    Quick and easy way to create super cute anime inspired nail designs. Gudetama Nail Decals are easy to apply and includes different artworks of the cute and ...

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