• Jellyfish Air Plants

    Jellyfish Air Plants

    Modern home decor is getting more popular everyday and with the help of these air plants you can easily create truly unique look for any room. You can create ...

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  • Carnivorous Plants Light Cube

    Carnivorous Plants Light Cube

    Carnivorous Plants Light Cube : Grow fearsome Fly Traps and savage Sundews. These will start sprouting without stratification and will thrive in your LED lit ...

  • Lithop Succulent Stone Plants

    Lithop Succulent Stone Plants

    Shop Lithop Succulent Stone Plants : We spotted this great stuff for our followers. Our geek product finder bot looked for Lithop Succulent Stone Plants and ...

  • Touch Sensitive Plants

    Touch Sensitive Plants

    Shop Touch Sensitive Plants :    We spotted this cool thing for the geeks . Our geek product finder checked shops for Touch Sensitive Plants and came back ...

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