Samurai Sword

  • Custom Made Katana

    Custom Made Katana

    If you are looking for a unique christmas gift idea, here it is: Custom Made Katana ! 40" sword with a fully handmade high carbon steel, and best part of the ...

  • Ichigo Sword Handle Umbrella

    Ichigo Sword Handle Umbrella

    Look and feel like a real samurai with these Ichigo Sword Handle Umbrella ! Whether you love Japanese anime movies or have interest in samurais or their sword ...

  • Ichigo’s Bankai Zanpakuto

    Ichigo’s Bankai Zanpakuto

    Ichigo's Bankai Zanpakuto will make a perfect gift for any anime lovers and Bleach fans. This cool product is replica of is Ichigo’s Bankai which is Tensa ...

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