Tokyo Ghoul

  • Tokyo Ghoul Dust Mask

    Tokyo Ghoul Dust Mask

    Really cool mask for anime fans and Kaneki lovers. Tokyo Ghoul Dust Mask will make you look like a real ghoul. while it is perfect for any cosplay events and ...

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  • Tokyo Ghoul Mug

    Tokyo Ghoul Mug

    Awesome mug for coffee addicts, Tokyo Ghoul Mug ! No matter i you are a ghoul or just a coffee lover, this mug is for all coffee lovers and anime fans

  • Tokyo Ghoul Mask

    Tokyo Ghoul Mask

    Awesome mask and a very easy way to start cosplay, Tokyo Ghoul Mask ! With this great mask and a white wig you can become Kaneki Ken easily. Perfect for ...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Messenger Bag

    Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Messenger Bag

    Don’t worry, this bag will not try to eat you even it looks like a ghoul. The Tokyo Ghoul Messenger Bag has a cool design with inages of Kaneki and his ...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Figure

    Tokyo Ghoul Figure

    Shop Tokyo Ghoul Figure :    We discovered this cool figure for the nerds . Our super bot searched internet for Tokyo Ghoul ...

    $51.21 $55.99 CHECK THIS OUT
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