Unique Gifts For Beer Drinkers

  • Beer Holster

    Beer Holster

    In the wild wild west, everything is vetter with some beer. The Beer Holster is made from genuine Leather and all can and beet bottles fits perfectly. Perfect ...

  • World’s Strongest Beer

    World’s Strongest Beer

    Even if you have been enjoying premium beer for ages, you will still learned some things from this book. This may be a great gift for beer lovers who wants to ...

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  • Colossal Titan Beer Stein

    Colossal Titan Beer Stein

    Giant Titans in your hands - Perfect gift for Attack On Titan Fans. This Colossal Titan Beer Stein has a real unique design which looks like the titans from ...

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  • Walk In Beer Cooler

    Walk In Beer Cooler

    Travel backpack cooler with super nice design, easy to carry and keeps your drinks cold. Large capacity up to 8 cans, coke, soda, beers..keeps your beverage ...

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  • Forearm Workout Mug

    Forearm Workout Mug

    Grow your muscles with the Forearm Workout Mug ! Even while having some beers, you can keep working out now. Best gift for the guys who lifts and also best for ...

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  • Beer Foam Making Mug

    Beer Foam Making Mug

    If you like foamy beer, this glass is for you! The Beer Foam Making Mug lets you create foam easily and with fun. Great gag gift idea for the parties. Let the ...

  • Collapsible Beer Glass

    Collapsible Beer Glass

    You can never know where and when you will need a glass when you are a beer lover. This Collapsible Beer Glass is cool for anytime but best for going for ...

    $7.76 $7.87 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Prop Breakable Beer Bottles

    Prop Breakable Beer Bottles

    Hit your friends head with fake glass bottles and make everybody shocked for a moment. Prop Breakable Beer Bottles are harmless and perfect to make a big joke ...

  • Shower Beer Holder

    Shower Beer Holder

    Non-stop happy hpur time even in the bathroom. continue your drink even when showering. The Shower Beer Holder can stick to any wall and keeps your beer cold ...

  • Tactical Vest Beer Koozie

    Tactical Vest Beer Koozie

    Shop Tactical Vest Beer Koozie : We spotted this great stuff for our followers. Our geek product finder bot checked google for Tactical Vest Beer Koozie and ...

    $9.99 $14.99 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Hexagon Beer Pong Cups

    Hexagon Beer Pong Cups

    Shop Hexagon Beer Pong Cups : We found this awesome thing for our lovely followers. Our nerdy product bot checked shops for Hexagon Beer Pong Cups and found ...

  • The Bierstick Beer Bong

    The Bierstick Beer Bong

    Shop The Bierstick Beer Bong : We found this amazing item for you. Our geek gift bot checked google for The Bierstick Beer Bong and came back with this ...

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