Awesome LED Products

  • Glowing LED Eyelashes

    Glowing LED Eyelashes

    Shine bright with Glowing LED Eyelashes. Waterproof and shining light up lashes will make you the star of the parties, festivals, concerts, events. This ...

  • Flashing LED Earrings

    Flashing LED Earrings

    Flashes like the Christmas tree. Perfect for christmas, halloween, festivals, parties or any night events. Earring features a blinking lightning. Please check ...

  • Sound Activated LED T-Shirt

    Sound Activated LED T-Shirt

    Awesome T-Shirt with moving equalizer bars. As the music beats goes on, the LED lights on thsirt will keep moving. This T-shirt is the perfect gift for your ...

  • Led Light Up Drink Coasters

    Led Light Up Drink Coasters

    Glowing drinks is so easy with these awesome Led Light Up Drink Coasters ! Perfect lighted coaster set for parties, easily create an illuminated party ...

  • Faceless LED Watch

    Faceless LED Watch

    The Faceless LED Watch features modern LED lights with a sylish metal bracelet design. We call it faceless as the watch has no big classic display area on top, ...

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  • Solar Powered String Lights

    Solar Powered String Lights

    Solar Powered String Lights are waterproof LED / fairy lights working with solar power. Perfect decoration for your garden, balcony, home and ofcourse for ...

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  • in Carbonite Led Han Solo Fridge

    in Carbonite Led Han Solo Fridge

    All Star Wars fans remember that moment when Han Solo was frozen in a carbonite block. and this "cool" fridge is literally made it kinda real. Yes, this mini ...

  • LED Shoelaces

    LED Shoelaces

    Cool, glow in the dark shoe strings are perfect for dancing, running, parties... Be the center of attention! LED Shoelaces turns your shoes into an eye ...

  • Light Up LED Shoelaces

    Light Up LED Shoelaces

    These shoelaces will be a hit for glow in the dark parties. Your shoes will shine bright like a diamond and will be eye catching with flashy lights. Light Up ...

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  • Pikachu Night Light 3D LED

    Pikachu Night Light 3D LED

    Nice light decoration with your favourite pokemon Pikachu. This cool light can be a great gift to you or to your children as a new Pikachu friend to sleep ...

  • Pokeball LED Crystal Keychains

    Pokeball LED Crystal Keychains

    Get your favourite pokemon in a clear chrystal pokeball, use your trapped pokemons energy to light up your bag and keys.. Pokeball LED Crystal Keychains are ...

  • Light Up Shoelaces

    Light Up Shoelaces

    Add some colour to your nights with the Light Up Shoelaces ! These LED shoelaces are perfect for festivals and halloween nights. These laces are also great ...

    $7.99 $12.99 CHECK THIS OUT
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