Unique Pac-Man Gifts

  • Pac Man Ghost Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Pac Man Ghost Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Add some retro touch to your kitchen with Pac Man Ghost Salt and Pepper Shakers ! This set is super cute gift idea for the fans of this awesome retro video ...

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  • Pac-Man Ghost Poncho

    Pac-Man Ghost Poncho

    Best pacman prıduct! Pac-Man Ghost Poncho looks exactly like the ghost from the iconic video game. If you are a retro game lover we are sure you will love ...

  • Pac-Man Stress Ball

    Pac-Man Stress Ball

    Pac-Man stress ball is a perfect gift for the stressed friends and real gamers! The Pac Man figure looks really funny as you squeeze him. The funiest video ...

  • Pac-Man Bed Set

    Pac-Man Bed Set

    For the ones who needs a Pac Man in the bedroom ! Pac-Man Bed Set has a nice stylish black and white design for the ones who wants to stay stylish while keep ...

  • Pac-Man Suit

    Pac-Man Suit

    Pac-Man; The little yellow man finally has a suit for gamersÊ This could be the best formal suit for a gamer guy, plus thisÊPac-Man Suit seems like a good idea ...

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  • Pac Man Ghost Light

    Pac Man Ghost Light

    Iconic Design - Firmly embedded in modern pop culture, PacMan is one of the most iconic gaming figures of all time. This Pac Man Ghost Light features all of ...

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  • Pac Man Father and Son Matching Pizza Shirts

    Pac Man Father and Son Matching Pizza Shirts

    Your little baby may seem too sweet sometimes and and we know that is the time that you feel like Pac Man ! The Father andamp; Son Matching Pizza Shirts has a ...

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  • Pac Man Usb Ghost Lamp

    Pac Man Usb Ghost Lamp

    Best mood light ever made for the gamers, Pac Man Usb Ghost ! This super cool light has a color changing feature and if you choose the party mode a suprise is ...

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  • Pac Man Energy Drink

    Pac Man Energy Drink

    Be as energic as the most famous gaming character ever made. The Pac Man Energy Drink may change you into an energizer bunny. Best way to power up and feel ...

  • Pac Man Fridge Magnets

    Pac Man Fridge Magnets

    Change your refrigerator into a fun space with the help of Pac Man Fridge Magnets. These Pac-Man magnets are made in 3-D with the cute characters of the epic ...

  • Pac Man Stapler

    Pac Man Stapler

    Cutest stapler for video game fans. The Pac Man stapler is a super cute stapler that is designed in the shape of the most famous video game character; Pac Man. ...

  • Pac Man Suit

    Pac Man Suit

    Best geek clothing ever made, Pac Man Suit for retro game fans. Wear your Pac Man Suit and get ready for any geek party or a nerdy event. Super cute pacman ...

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