Pikachu Merchandise

Pikachu Merchandise

A list of the best Pikachu Merchandise and cute little pokemon plushes for the fans. Our list includes a wide range of pokemon stuff and Pikachu related products,  You may also like to check a wider list which includes all Pokemon Merchandise list.

Pokemon Merchandise(102)

  • Pokemon Power Bank Pikachu Charger

    Pokemon Power Bank Pikachu Charger

    Cutest and the most funny power bank must be this pikachu charger ! This awesome phone charger lets you plug your cable into Pikachu's cute butt which seems ...

  • Pikachu Coin Bank

    Pikachu Coin Bank

    Adorable Pikachu Coin Bank to save your poke dollars! Never loose any cent, just share with Pikachu and he will save it for you. When you put a coin to the ...

  • Pikachu Slippers

    Pikachu Slippers

    Super cute and super comfy slippers: Pikachu Slippers For Adults, Kids and Geeks ! We choosed you Pikachu, you are the cutest slippers ever made and a perfect ...

  • Pikachu Charger

    Pikachu Charger

    Flip a coin, Pikachu will be charging your phone for you with Thunderbolt, discharge all energy from Pikachu and transfer it to your phone. There is lots of ...

  • Inflatable Pikachu Costume

    Inflatable Pikachu Costume

    Super cute Inflatable Pikachu Costume for your cosplay, halloween parties. Also perfect for any children birthday party with a pokemon theme.

  • Pikachu Night Light 3D LED

    Pikachu Night Light 3D LED

    Nice light decoration with your favourite pokemon Pikachu. This cool light can be a great gift to you or to your children as a new Pikachu friend to sleep ...

  • Pokemon Pikachu Silicone Mold

    Pokemon Pikachu Silicone Mold

    Add some cuteness into your summer drink with Pikachu ice cubes. These Pokemon molds will let you prepare ice cubes, jelly or a chocolate easily in Pikachu ...

  • Pikachu Grinder

    Pikachu Grinder

    No they are not for weed, just for kitchen! Well, we guess you will not belive this! Pikachu Grinder has the cutest design to greed your herbs and tabacco. May ...

  • Pikachu Ramen

    Pikachu Ramen

    Never seen a kid or a Pokemon fan that does not love these awesome noodles with pink pikachu fish cakes inside. This delicious Pikachu Ramen contains lots of ...

  • Pikachu Mascot Costume

    Pikachu Mascot Costume

    Be the cutest in any party or festivals with the Pikachu mascot costume! This gigantic plush costume will transform you into your favorite Pokemon Pikachu. ...

  • Pikachu Rice Mold

    Pikachu Rice Mold

    Great way to make the most delicious rice with the cutest pokemon shape. Pikachu Rice Mold helps you create it easily with a pikachu shaped mold and 3 extra ...

  • Pokemon Pikachu Cosplay Plush

    Pokemon Pikachu Cosplay Plush

    Perfect plush gift for Pokemon fans, Pikachu Cosplay Plush. This cute pokemon plushie is designed as a cosplay pikachu and shows your most favourite pokemon ...

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