Unique Plush Toy Gifts

  • Black Yoshi Plush

    Black Yoshi Plush

    Shop for the best Nintendo plushie, meet with Yoshi's cousine. The Black Yoshi plush toy is in 6 inches tall and has a perfect size for a plushie especially ...

  • Bleach Kon Backpack

    Bleach Kon Backpack

    Super cute Bleach Kon Backpack for anime fans. We highly recommend this cool backpack as a perfect gift idea for all fans of the popular anime. A stuffed ...

  • Scary Animal Plushs

    Scary Animal Plushs

    Scary Animal Plushs are actually super cute to you when cuddling but if you give them a squeze on their neck, OMG! Than they will suddenly change to scary ...

  • Attack On Titan Microplush Blind Box

    Attack On Titan Microplush Blind Box

    Super cute little plushies for Attack On Titan fans. These plushes are just 3 inches and all characters are available with the Attack On Titan Microplush Blind ...

    $9.00 $10.80 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Star Wars Plush

    Star Wars Plush

    Awesome Star Wars Plush toy in your favourite droids shape, R2D2 plushie! If you are looking for a cute geek cuddly plush toy, you know R2D2 is always the best ...

  • Geek Neck Pillow Cute Soft Plush

    Geek Neck Pillow Cute Soft Plush

    Soft, fluffy and cuddly Spirited Away neck pillow.. He will become your new best travel buddy! Because of the cuteness level of this this character, You'll ...

    $7.99 $15.00 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Rick and Morty Plush

    Rick and Morty Plush

    Choose one of these awesome Rick and Morty Plush ideas for a fun room. Mr. Meeseeks, Snowball, Rick, morty and more. Our favourite plush toy is Mr. Meeseeks ...

  • My Neighbor Totoro Plush Keychain

    My Neighbor Totoro Plush Keychain

    Cute fluffy keychain for anime lovers, My Neighbor Totoro Plush Keychain ! These plush keychains has two color options, grey and blue, both are very cute and ...

  • Street Fighter Hadoken Plush

    Street Fighter Hadoken Plush

    Send fire balls in the pillow fights with this awesome Street Fighter Hadoken Plush ! Creative and unique idea for pillow fights. Some street fighter pajamas ...

    $28.95 $39.99 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Chibi Totoro Plush

    Chibi Totoro Plush

    Perfect plushie for Studio Ghibli fans, Chibi Totoro Plush with leaf ! As it is an Official Totoro Plush, this toy has an awesome difference than the other ...

  • Life-Size E.T. Replica

    Life-Size E.T. Replica

    Awesome plush toy for the cutest alien ever visited our world, Life-Size E.T. Replica ! This plushie can be the best gift idea for your alien friends !

    $12.39 $31.19 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Lilo and Stitch Bed

    Lilo and Stitch Bed

    Sleep with the adorable Stitch! Cutest alien ever, coming to your home to sleep with you, Don't forget "Ohana" means "family" and "Family" means bed :)

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