Unique Gift Rings

  • Kawaii Ring

    Kawaii Ring

    Cute little gifts for your loved ones, Kawaii Ring set ! Adjustable and full of kawaii designs, lollipop, mermaid, cute bear, flowers and more. Perfect gift ...

  • Dragon Ball Z Rings

    Dragon Ball Z Rings

    Now you can have dragon balls as a ring. Dragon Ball Z Rings has an amazing design with 18K Yellow and sterling silver, 14K white or with Platinum. All custom ...

  • Octopus Tentacle Ring

    Octopus Tentacle Ring

    Product title sounds a bit Hentai, what do you think? It is just a ring with some innocent octopus sea monster tentacles, still you will love this Octopus ...

    $9.99 $12.99 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Electric Stun Gun Ring

    Electric Stun Gun Ring

    Electric Stun Gun Ring! Mo more afraid of strangers. The stun gun can be activated quickly and very easily by just a sqeeze, the best stun gun models on the ...

    $18.20 $24.95 CHECK THIS OUT
  • The Legend of Zelda Titanium Steel Triforce Ring

    The Legend of Zelda Titanium Steel Triforce Ring

    It's one of the most iconic video games in the history: The Legends of Zelda ! Anything about Triforce could be the perfect gift for a Zelda fan, but, a ring ...

    $8.49 $12.99 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Self Defense Ring

    Self Defense Ring

    Shop Self Defense Ring : We spotted this great self defense product for our followers. Our geek product finder bot checked internet for Self Defense Ring and ...

  • Slim Engagement Ring Case

    Slim Engagement Ring Case

    Shop Slim Engagement Ring Case : We found this amazing engagement ring for you. Our geek gift bot looked for Slim Engagement Ring Case and added this unusual ...

    $24.95 $41.00 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Pokeball Ring With Box

    Pokeball Ring With Box

    Pokeball box is a really fun and creative way to say “i choose you”. Show your love to your girlfriend with a Pokeball Ring With Box and catch her love with a ...

  • Claymore Ring

    Claymore Ring

    Shop Claymore Ring : We discovered this perfect gift idea for our awesome followers. Our product finder bot searched all products for Claymore Ring and came ...

    $15.32 $25.95 CHECK THIS OUT
  • Steampunk Telescope Ring

    Steampunk Telescope Ring

    Shop Steampunk Telescope Ring : We discovered this cool product for the geeks. Our geek bot looked all the geek stores for Steampunk Telescope Ring and found ...

  • Bottle Opener Ring

    Bottle Opener Ring

    Shop Bottle Opener Ring : We found this awesome bottle opener for our lovely followers. Our nerdy product bot checked google for Bottle Opener Ring and found ...

  • Sailor Moon Usagi Rings

    Sailor Moon Usagi Rings

    Awesome gift idea for yourself or for your friends who lvoes Sailor Moon Crystal. The Sailor Moon Usagi Rings looks awesome with its pink color and shining ...

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